In over 50 years, FLOS has grown from a small dealer, to a leading supplier of fasteners and small technical products. Since mid-2009 FLOS is established in a modern, spacious new building in the Flight Forum Industrial Estate near Eindhoven Airport.

André Flos

FLOS owes its name to André Flos. In 1963, he established a business under the name ‘André Flos Technische Handel en Agenturen BV’. In the beginning, most of the sales were made based on agencies. As the years passed, both the success and the product range grew. The former premises on the Provincialeweg in Veldhoven had to be modernized and expanded on a regular basis to keep up with the growth.

Efficient, customer-focused solutions

The organization grew with the years. The company now has over 55 employees and is an organization with a clear profile: FLOS Creative Component Solutions stands for efficient, customer-focused solutions. Want to know what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.