When purchasing components you most likely only consider the cost of the product. If so, we feel like you are selling yourself short. What counts, when purchasing components, are the integrated costs. This includes all the hours and costs associated with the selection of suppliers, the offer- and order process, the inspection, storage and internal distribution of delivered goods, and the costs of all the staff and space this requires.

Reduction of your total cost of ownership

We feel confident in saying you will save money with FLOS, because FLOS delivers your fasteners or components at the agreed time, at the right location, in the desired packaging and with the right quality – at lower costs. Just add up what you will save if you no longer have to place the orders, do the inspection, handling, storage and distribution of the goods yourself. You can have FLOS deliver directly to the production line at fixed times. In addition to logistics solutions, FLOS can provide you with technical knowledge and advice, development and production of custom products, and even light assembly work; all activities that can save you time and money.

Increasing efficiency

By offering you efficient total solutions and accommodating your needs, FLOS makes your work easier and helps increase your profitability and efficiency. We would be glad to help you calculate how much time, money and effort your company can save with a tailored total solution from FLOS. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.