Axles and pipes

Whether you’re looking for axles or pipes for your product, FLOS always has the right component for you.

Broad selection of axles and pipes

We carry a wide range of axles and pipes, which we can supply in a standard or customized form, for all possible applications. We have experience with various processing methods. Depending on the batch size, specific customer needs and technical possibilities, we deliver the best product for you. Providing the product with a proper surface treatment is an additional optional service we can provide. With our years of experience in supplying components and fasteners, we always have the right part for you.

FLOS supplies what’s best for you

Advice and product recommendations are, unfortunately, often affected by self-interest of the suppliers. However, at FLOS this is not the case. We are not tied to a brand, manufacturer or production technique. Because of our independence, you can choose from a wide range of products, and you have the option to order customized axles and pipes.

Together we create a solid end product

FLOS gives you independent advice on practical applications and possible, affordable alternatives. We offer in-depth technical knowledge, based on years of experience. Are you looking for axles or pipes from top brands, that are made out of steel or stainless steel, standard products or modified to customer specifications, we will assist you in obtaining the correct components to create a solid end product. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.