How our merger benefits you

As Bufab Flos, we have been forged into a single exceptionally powerful supplier of technical components, assembly parts and fasteners, since the 1st of January. With an active product range of approximately 140,000 c-parts and components. Our merger is also beneficial to you.

More certainty of delivery in an uncertain market

Thanks to a fifty percent expansion of our warehouse, we can offer you even more space for your ‘own’ stock. This gives you more delivery certainty.

Eighty percent of our stock consists of products specifically intended for a single customer. It is certain that this part will not be supplied to other customers. We keep stock exclusively for you. In addition, we deliver exactly whenever you want us to. Plus, payments are requested after delivery.

Our significantly larger warehouse offers space for the wide range of products that you demand. This is a comforting thought in uncertain times when demand often exceeds supply.

Services with double the amount of brainpower

Thanks to the merger, our knowledge and expertise has doubled. We can provide you with the collective knowledge of experts in 28 different countries: a network of specialists from various disciplines. Our experts have experience with over 3,000 suppliers from no fewer than 70 countries.

This collective brainpower is entirely at your disposal. You can submit your questions to one of our cross-functional teams consisting of, for example, purchasers, technicians, and product group specialists. This gives you a clear picture of the actual available market offer. Or how to find the ideal solution for any challenge that might arise, for example, the placement of various products at one supplier.

Our dedicated team can also consult you on a technical level. What are the exact specifications of a product? Does it suit the application for which you want to buy it? We are happy to share our broad knowledge of market solutions with you.

More possibilities for tailor-made services

Our services now offer you the best of both Bufab and Flos. Hence, all customers are able to benefit from our quality inspections. The same applies to our personal, in-house production. As a result, we can deliver your products according to your exact preferences. This includes any number of sub-assemblies, kits, and packaging that you demand.

We now offer you even more options concerning your stock management. Think of vendor managed inventory systems with containers that we restock for you: kanban or two-bin. An extensive team is assigned to expertly realize this. Thus, you are always able to choose the stock management that suits you best, without having to worry about unexpected shortages. We monitor your undertow products, even when you don’t do that yourself.

Our ambition: to be a delivery partner that seamlessly fits into your production process. We unburden you, so that you can focus on what you do best: building machines.

More options for logistics services

One of our departments that has improved significantly is logistics. We can now offer you various new logistics services. We like to provide you with tailor-made services as much as possible. Think of “just-in-time delivery” and delivery “at point-of-use”. As well as packaging that we provide with custom labels according to your wishes, to make products easy processable.

We work with our own means of transportation and drivers. In regard to all our logistical partners, we like to deploy our own personnel. This guarantees that you are always dealing with trustworthy staff within your workplace.

We can set up an agreement completely according to your wishes. This always includes fixed delivery times and fixed faces.